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Hi, my name is Geoff Whittaker and I am a web designer, writter & photographer.

Does web design jargon give you a pain? I will give you a straightforward no nonsense quote for any web design, graphic design or print design work.

I provide web design, content writing and photography services in Accrington, Burnley, Blackburn and Oswaldtwistle. A personal local service. If you are an individual or a small business then look no further for advice and guidance on any design, content or imagery problems

Why use a local designer?

There are sites like People per Hour and freelancer that may look like a good place to get work done. Beware! These sites are a minefield of chancers and con artists. If you post a job you will be bombarded with "pitches" of variable quality, most will be badly written garbage. A faceless clown in India is not the way to go!

Don't waste your time trying to pick from sixty or more "pitches" use a local expert

There are four main elements to any project. I can complete any of the elements either singly or together. For example a header or logo design would de a "design" element. A written article would be a "content" element. See the next section for a fuller explanation

I try to work with local clients so that a relationship can be built up.A better understanding of your needs can be obtained by visiting your business site or office.For personal clients I have met in some odd places to give progress reports, such as Mcdonalds and Subway!.

The four elements of online communication

There are four elements for any online or print project, Design, content, Imagery and marketing

Web design new or old sites - How do you work with a client, what happens first?

The first thing we would do would be to create a report that covers the aims of your site, What can be done within the budget, a compettitor anlaysis and an analysis of your current site, if there is one.this initial report is usually £50.

Following this a more detailed report would be drawn up that acts as the contract, it would include a prototype site and all image and graphic resources. A proposed deadline and budget is set and milestones are included in the project plan so that we can keep track of progress

Once the project is complete, as per the report, and you are satisfied, final payment is made. This is a simplified project and much more is possible, I spent three years at University writing reports and working on sites, so I know what I am doing!


Content is king. Compelling content brings visitors to your site. The jargon says, create an eco system around your brand. What does this mean?

An example for an online model shop is presented here. This shop sells model railway items and has a separate blog site that is used to drive traffic to the main site. It features articles on subjects of interest to model makers. Classic Collect blog

I wrote this article on trams for the site, the style is factual without being too academic.

I also write for Preston Blog

Here is an example of my academic writing style, The Victorian factory acts. This is a research paper I did for the Masters in Photography


Imagery includes photography and video

Images set the tone for your site or project. Blurry badly taken images make your site look amateurish. I have an archive of my own images available and have an MA in photography


I have an interest in photo restoration an example is shown below.

colour example


I wrote this article on marketing for small business websites North West

Marketing companies will charge a fortune, I can include basic SEO or search engine optimization during the content creation stage of a project.

Who are you?

This is something I ask myself every morning! Joking aside I have a BSc in media production and an MA in photography. now, that gets all the things nobody cares about out of the way!

I have been involved in web design, writing and photography for fifteen years. I can cover most of the work on a site from the actual coding to the graphics and imagery.Having a science and an arts degree perfectly matches most online and print work. I have written books that are on Amazon kindle and have many active web sites, a few are linked to,below

Here is some of my other work

Small business web design North West
Photography portfolio
Web design tutorials site
Web design Guide (under construction)
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Relax I will take care of everything!


Print work

Here is a link to some of my print work including books and magazines

Geoff whittaker print work